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Friday, October 30, 2020

The right Tile design for your homes and offices

The right Tile design for your homes and offices

One of the most confusing decision while designing a home or office is the tile design that would best suit our purpose. No marks for guessing that this question bothers even the best of interior designers and architects.

Tiles for Wall and Floor

With the availability of digital printing technology there is no limit on the tiles design that you can get on your walls and floors by application of tiles. With finishes ranging from Satin to glossy to Matt and more, it adds to the problem of plenty.

At Ceramic Tiles Sales, Morbi, we wish to educate our buyers and channel partners in the science of tiles design and selection. We will keep an approach of utility and type for tile suitable for the utility.

Bigger tiles

Wet Areas

Whether in office or in homes, wet areas such as wash rooms, utility wash areas, factory water bound areas, and bathroom tiles design,  it is necessary that you use matt tiles for floors. These are not slippery and hence avoid accidents. On the walls though you can go for any type of finish. For smaller spaces, smaller sized tiles are more recommended. For larger areas, big tiles can be used if you have to form an impression. Kindly note, Bigger tiles are tough to manufacture and hence their per sq ft pricing is higher than smaller tiles.

Conversely, smaller tiles do not always come in digital printed tile designs for large areas. Tiles design for kitchen can come under wet or utility area but the choice at least in India, should lie with the home maker.

Tiles for Bathroom

Huge Rooms

For homes, living rooms and for offices halls and staff areas, reception areas, showroom areas are normally big. These areas also have a lot of foot falls. It is necessary that anti skid tiles are laid on floors of these larger rooms. As regards tiles design for living rooms and offices, soft subtle designs and natural stone type tile designs are more suitable

Tiles for Kitchen

Private Areas

Tile design for bedrooms, Personal Office spaces, study within homes or offices will need an that appeal to the owner for a longer time. This is a private area where there are less footfalls, however, flooring tiles should always be foot friendly and hence anti skid. The walls can have satins and glossy finish tile design. Floor tiles design in such areas can go from soft hues to vibrant wooden tiles. Similarly for Wall tile design too, the owner will have to make a choice from a wide variety. Do note that Floor tile Design should match Wall tile design.

Tile design for bedrooms

We will be extending this article further in future, do keep reading.

Note: Ceramic Tiles Sales is a one stop shop for all kinds of tiles in various designs at affordable prices.

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