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Saturday, November 7, 2020

Porcelain tile that looks like marble | Stone look porcelain tile

1. Stone look porcelain tile
2. Marble like porcelain tile
3. Semi polished porcelain tiles
4. Textured porcelain floor tile
5. Large format porcelain
6. Stone effect porcelain floor tiles
7. Anti slip porcelain tile
8. Terrazzo look porcelain tile
9. Metallic porcelain tile

Stone look porcelain tile

➛ Stone looks great on the floor, but it's not easy,even from the get-go. For one, real stone is massively heavier than ceramic, stone-look porcelain collection comes in variety of sizes-stone look 12x24, 6x24, 16x32, 24x24.

stone look porcelain tile

Marble like porcelain tile

➛ Marble is a porcelain tile made to look and act like real marble. It is often finished with a variety of colors and materials to imitate the natural veining patterns.

marble like porcelain tile

Semi polished porcelain tiles

➛ Semi polished tiles are a popular choice for kitchen floors, and it's easy to see why. Made from porcelain stoneware, these tiles have a smooth profile and reflect light delicately, creating a gentle appearance. 

semi polished porcelain tiles

Textured porcelain floor tile

➛ Textured tile can transform a room completely. After all, there’s a unique quality found in this tactile element of porcelain flooring that enhance designs to make it appear nearly 3D.


textured porcelain floor tile

Large format porcelain

➛ The large slabs with versatile formats (120 x278, 120×240, 75×150 and 120×120) are perfectly integrated into the wide range of ceramic products that are already offered by refin ceramics.


large format porcelain

Stone effect porcelain floor tiles

 Stone effect porcelain tiles have certain advantages over natural materials, they are virtually non absorbent, are extremely hard wearing and durable and very easy to maintain.


Stone effect porcelain floor

Anti slip porcelain tile

➛ See the excellent range of anti slip floor tiles perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and busy hallways. it can also be described as non-slip, or slip resistant tiles.


anti slip porcelain tile

Terrazzo look porcelain tile

➛ Terrazzo is an alluring recreation of quartz-like attributes in a durable porcelain tile. High-definition inkjets create natural speckled variations on the surface in neutral earth tones.


terrazzo look porcelain tile

Metallic porcelain tile

➛ Elevate your space by adding a touch of shine with our metal and metallic look tile. Metal look tiles are beautiful in your home as flooring in your kitchen or bathroom, as well as a behind your counter and around your fireplace.

Metallic porcelain tile

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